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Solved Mysteries in Property Management

We managed a small 2 bedroom condo in Coral Springs. Very nice unit. It was a ground floor end unit in a 4 story building.

 We were called to the home by the tenant who was complaining of condensation on the inside of her windows. It was all over the upper part of her sliding glass doors and her normal windows.  We take any water or moisture very seriously. Upon first glance we suspected the air conditioner was not working properly, as part of it’s function is to extract humidity from the air and dispose of it through a drain pipe. The AC was checked and it was established that it had not been working properly. We had a technician check it and service it. Cased solved……or so we thought. The condensation persisted though and was increasing.

 The building was overdue for painting and sealing on the exterior. We met the building manager at the unit. We wondered if water was somehow coming through the exterior wall and causing the condensation in the unit. He assured us that it was not the case and he deduced that the tenant was just boiling too much pasta at night. WHAT??! We were stunned by that answer and knew that this person would be of no help to us.

 We brought in a handyman and we were insistent on scouring every inch of this condo to find the source. We spent hours and the final door we opened was the air conditioner closet. We had already checked out the AC so we just looked one last time to know that we checked every inch. Below the AC unit was a small water heater which is fairly normal in most condos here. While looking at the AC the handyman placed his hand on the top of the water heater and instantly screeched! Water heaters are typically round, sealed cylinders with a top and bottom. On the top of this one, for some unknown reason, the side of the heater pulled away from the top cover. It was barely noticeable but the opening was emitting a small steady amount of steam. It wasn’t enough for us to notice while examining the AC and we now think that it was good that the handyman placed his hand in the exact spot that he did.

 We had never seen a water heater with a defect like this. We replaced it that day and the condensation stopped immediately.


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