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April 5th, 2019

One of the things that we can count on when managing properties are surprises. Even though we prepare for smooth tenancies, things happen that we must deal with. Some things are caused by our tenants such as a very quiet man who was no trouble at all until one day when he installed a 22-foot resin giraffe in his front yard. The neighbors were none too pleased. When we arrived at the property the tenant was completely unaware that this lovely animal statue might not be allowed.

Sometimes nature throws us into a situation. One day a resident called to let us know that she spotted a long snake in her living room. While we are property managers and not snake wranglers, duty called. Luckily, one of us was very comfortable with snakes and after a few tries, he was able to contain the snake and remove it from the property. To this day we have no idea how it gained entry into the house.

Here's a good one that we call the old switcheroo. More than one tenant has asked permission for a dog to be allowed as a pet. In a couple of cases, the dog was under 20 pounds. Upon doing our normal inspections, the dog mysteriously gained 60 pounds and looked much different. We are very clear about rules and lease terms before occupancy but some tenants still think that they can get away with it anyway.

Since we provide overnight and weekend emergency service, sometimes tenants will call us for simple things like being locked out. Usually, they sound desperate so we have helped several in the wee hours of the night.

One last event comes to mind and this was a mystery to us until we solved it. Apparently, some bees migrate to the same location each year. We managed a condo that had an unknown exterior opening. Over a couple of years, bees were coming through the hole and got behind a wall. They built a hive and started mass producing honey. Would you ever think that would happen?

Our days are usually not this exciting but when an event does happen we respond to solve it. That is just one reason that residential property landlords have chosen 1st Place Property Management. Peace of mind.

Your Residential Property Management Specialist,

David Phelps

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