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The word “eviction” can make people shudder. It is never pleasant. In property management, though, it can be necessary.

 We do quite a bit of work up front to place the best possible tenants in our properties. Background checks are always a must. Still, life happens.

 When a tenant is late to pay, we deliver a Three Day Notice. It demands that the tenant pay within 3 business days or surrender the property. Tenants typically do not surrender the property but instead, the notice usually starts a conversation. At that point, we have tried numerous times to get that conversation started so the notice simply facilitates the start if our phone calls go unanswered. Sometimes tenants are ill or traveling or something else so we do try to figure out what their intentions are immediately. We have sat on plenty of tenant’s couches to get issues like this resolved.

 When the three day notice times out and the Landlord has decided that eviction is the only course of action, an eviction attorney is the best bet. They are skilled in making sure that the paperwork is perfect. The legal firm that handles the majority of our leases are well versed in getting the job done properly. The amount of time that the eviction takes is up to the county in which the property is located. We usually see 6 weeks or so currently for an unpaid rent case. We have no control over this timeframe and it does tend to change.

 Once the eviction is approved, we seek a Writ Of Possession to get the property back. The sheriff’s office works with us for a fee and we generally have people ready to put any possessions left at the property out to the curb. We then simultaneously change the door locks and garage entry codes.

 It's never pleasant but must be done occasionally.

Your Residential Property Management Specialist,

David Phelps