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We love questions! Here are some of our most frequently asked in relation to how we work:

We manage single family homes, condos, villas, town homes, duplexes, triplexes, and quads for owners who wish to have their investment property and tenancy professionally managed.

        FAQ: Do you manage homeowners associations too? No, we don't. That is a whole different area of expertise. We focus solely on what we do best.

FAQ: Do you document your managed properties?

We document the property.  In addition, we will add a multitude of shots of high probability areas such as kitchen counter tops, sinks, tubs, insides of appliances, flooring, etc... We even document the model and serial numbers of the appliances. 

         FAQ: Why do you do that?
We do it for a couple of reasons. The first is because we have a clear shot of condition before the tenant moves in and we share the report with them. Now we are all on the same page. Second, we now have an intimate profile of the property should we need to reference something quickly. We also use these photos for comparison at move out.

We use an attorney drafted lease.
       FAQ: Why an attorney drafted lease instead of one from an office store? The simple answer is better wording and protection for our Landlords. The attorneys follow Florida law and update their clauses. We also have complimentary phone time with them if need be. The lease is reasonably priced at $95.00

          FAQ: Are you the cheapest in town?
No, we're not but most likely not the most expensive either. We believe in a fair price for good quality service. We do get asked to take over properties from Landlords who thought they were getting a great deal but it just wasn't what gave them peace of mind.

We perform periodic visits.
         FAQ: How often do you visit your properties?
We schedule visits but we find ourselves at our properties more frequently than that. If it's something simple like a simple, clogged sink, disposal, toilet, etc... we are very hands on. That's a major cost savings to our clients.

We are available 24/7 for emergency calls. 
       FAQ: Does the tenant reach a live person or a call service?
The tenant reaches one of our property managers who is familiar with the property. Sometimes the issue can be handled over the phone but if not we are heading to handle the situation.

We receive and distribute payments electronically.
         FAQ: When do we receive our proceeds?
We almost always process our payments on the 9th of the month. Besides receiving your distribution, you will also receive a statement via email. At the end of the year you will also receive an accountant friendly statement.

We deliver legally binding late notices if rent is late.
       FAQ: Does that usually solve the issue?
Usually it does. The tenant has 3 days to pay or surrender the premises. We hand deliver the notice. 

In this business, experience counts. We've seen many things.
       FAQ: Could you elaborate? 
Sometimes we can't believe what we hear but we have dealt with some odd things. One tenant in a upscale neighborhood erected a 22 foot high resin giraffe. He saw nothing wrong with it! We've had a snake found in a living room.
      We've seen 10 pound dogs mysteriously turn into 80 pound dogs. We've had bees migrate into a wall of a condo and build a honey comb. Unfortunately, we've also had a tenant or two pass away mid tenancy. All of these events needed to be professionally dealt with.

We only use licensed and insured vendors.
       FAQ: Why?
The short answer is to simply protect our Landlords. We routinely audit our vendors to make sure that their licensing and insurance is up to date. We have a good relationship with our vendors and they know our standards are high so we are only using people that we would use in our own homes.

​We know that you have more questions and we want to answer

all of them! Please call us. Our office number is 954-346-1951.

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