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We love to talk about what we do. Here's a bit more........

​· Tenants pay electronically and we pay Owners electronically with free ACH deposit.​
· We handle all tenant issues.
· We handle all maintenance requests. Budget safeguards in place.
· State of the art accounting software
· 24/7 emergency response number for tenants.
· Periodic safety and condition on-site reviews. We also make maintenance recommendations at that time. While at your home, we are checking many things including smoke smells, unauthorized residents or pets, lease violations, a/c filters being changed, washing machine hose integrity, and many more items.
· End of the year accountant ready statement.
· Affordable pricing. We aren't the least expensive but we truly know that you get what you pay for in this business.

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The beginning is super important!

​Before your new tenant's first day, we have done several things to get ready for the best tenancy possible. It's important to be prepared and set the tone for organized, effective management.

Here's part of what we have done in advance:

  • ​Full documentation of your home including a multitude of photos, condition report, and cataloging of appliances. We strive to create a crystal clear snapshot of your home's condition and we share the report with the tenant. Many times they are shocked to receive such detail but it helps them to understand that we are not just blindly handing over keys.

  • Superior tenant screening including criminal: felony and misdemeanor, credit check including a beacon score, and past evicition check.
  • An attorney drafted lease is produced. (Reasonably priced; extra protection)
  • Our self-authored "Welcome Home" handbook for a good tenancy is issued to the tenants
  • A gift basket with some home essentials is left on your behalf for the tenants
  • Meeting with the tenants on day one to acclimate them. We even talk about where the local essentials are such as grocery stores, post offices, and other local stops.​​

Why do we go to great lengths in the beginning? Simply put, it sets the tone. We show the tenants that we are firm, yet fair. By nature, tenants hate to call property managers unless something big is happening. We encourage them to call us for anything. The example we use is a slow leaking faucet. The drips are far apart but over time the enamel in the sink will wear down in the spot of impact. Once they understand that an untreated small problem can become a bigger problem, our odds are much better that they will call. 

By the time that they see our documentation, receive our contact information, view our handbook, and hear our voices answering any of their questions, we have built a bridge of respect with them.

The beginning is the most important part of the work. - PLATO

1st Place Property Management LLC​