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What Would You Do?

Real circumstances that we have faced.

  • A tenant called to inform us that a guest passed away suddenly.
  • A tenant in an upscale neighborhood decided to place a 22 foot resin giraffe  statue in the front yard.
  • A tenant reported a snake in their living room. (And it was long!)
  • A tenant locked themselves out at 1:00 AM 
  • A tenant's dog gained 60 pounds (The old switcheroo)
  • Bees invaded a condo wall and made a massive hive full of honey.
  • Occasionally, after we try many preventative steps, we must evict a tenant.

This is a short list of problems that have come up. Experience counts! We handle each issue methodically, with safety, and our client's best interests in mind.

"I used to own a home in Coral Springs Florida and had 1st Place handle my rental property. It is difficult to find a good property manger in South Florida! They were the best management company that I have dealt with through out the years. David and James are a great team and handle and resolve any repairs, needs or issues. They have a wide variety of contractors and handymen for any home repair. I would recommend them to any owner who wants to protect their home and investment from difficult tenants." -Tom D.

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